A sonic massage using SOUND and LIGHT!

A sonic massage using SOUND and LIGHT!

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During your sessions at Life Center, you can simply relax and even fall asleep as it will not effect your results. We are using light, sound, vibration, and frequency to quickly and safely rebalance your body on a cellular level so whether you’re asleep or awake, it’s working!

You will want to review this information about why we are no longer using Life Vessel of Energy Genesis.  We are now using the Harmonic Egg technology and having great success.  https://lifecenter.us/what-is-the-harmonic-egg/

However, please be aware that “quick” does not necessarily mean you will experience complete change overnight. With any natural healing, it can take some time for your body to get the full results you’re pursuing. For example, going to the gym can be considered a holistic approach to health. Exercise takes time and there are things you can do to accelerate your progress but consistency is the most important factor to reaching your goals. True health and wellness require that you prioritize your health with the same consistency.

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To non-invasively allow people to heal their body naturally so they can maintain and enjoy the quality of life they desire.

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One May consider vibroacoustic treatment being similar to receiving a massage, as indeed the low-frequency sound vibrations emitted by vibroacoustic devices (e.g., mattresses, chairs, and pillows) are more tactile than audible. Muscles and tissues vibrate or resonate with the low frequency of the sounds waves that are directly exposed to the body via speakers built into the vibroacoustic devices. Nonetheless, vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) is more than a massage, as it aims to combine low-frequency sound vibration and therapeutic interaction to efficiently treat a wide variety of physiological and psychological issues. To date, there has been anecdotal evidence about the efficacy of VAT, although mechanisms of how and why it works are still rather unknown, and systematic approaches both in research and therapeutic/treatment approaches are underdeveloped. ~Dr. Burger, PhD.

There are many incredible, long lasting benefits that come with holistic modalities including:

  1. It’s completely safe!
  2. You are healing your body and mind instead of just masking symptoms with dangerous drugs.
  3. You will NOT experience any DANGEROUS side effects or the dependencies that often accompany many of the drugs currently offered.
  4. Natural healing can help your body get to a place of true health; helping to strengthen your immune system and lessening your chances of disease in the future.
  5. Often times you may even begin looking and feeling YOUNGER as you detoxify and your cells begin performing optimally.

What you will experience is a paradigm shift in healing.  No pills, no drugs, no needles, no surgeries…everything is energy and we work on an energy level to help the body heal itself naturally. Energy healing is the most natural form of healing.  It’s all about balance.  As energy begins to flow it can reverse any conditions of imbalance in a perfect rhythm.  It never goes against your will, or is forced.  The flow of energy works as you are in agreement to receive it, whether it is at a conscious or unconscious level.  Some of the benefits are to the right.

Click here to see some symptoms / side effects.


Deeper feelings of PEACE


Deeper feelings of JOY


Elevated Levels of ENERGY


Acceleration in spiritual evolution


Strengthening of VITAL ORGANS


Deep-seated feelings that are not acknowledged or released can become lodged in different areas of your body and manifest as disease: chronic tension, discomfort, minor aches, pain or illness.  While in the unit you may experience the physical release of an emotion you have subconsciously stored in your body.  This can often appear as spontaneous crying, a rush of anger or sadness, or a sudden experience of fear.  Should you experience emotional release during or after your sessions (sometimes even a week or two later), drink more water to flush and practice deep breathing to breathe through the emotions and allow them to release.  Allow yourself the freedom to experience your emotions without judgement and without trying to push them back below the surface.  This technology can help if you allow it!  You never have to hope it works…it always works…what you have to hope is that your body works and that you allow it to work.


Physical trauma is a serious injury to the body, a blunt force trauma occurs when the body is struck with an object or force, causing concussions, lacerations or fractures, a penetrating trauma occurs when an object pierces the skin or body, usually creating an open wound, and trauma also results from “controlled injury,” such as that caused by surgery.



Every novel stimulus in our environment is automatically assumed to be a threat until deemed otherwise by the neocortex. This process happens almost instantaneously and we are often unaware of it. There is a larger enemy at work here as it relates to environment and trauma and that is predominately associated with what we witness in it. Environmental trauma can be connected to what people watch on television, on the internet or on other forms of technology and social media, not just natural disasters.


Mary R.

“Gail has had such good instincts and every session has been rejuvenating and invigorating. She knows what she is doing. It is such a gift to have this technology available. Thank you."


Katie Young, P.A.

“Gail is amazing. I always learn so much from her and leave with calm clarity and greatly reduced body aches. LV beats any massage hands down! Thanks for your great service to humanity.”


Dr. Steve Tashiro in Lakewood, CO.

From a client that shared her HUGE improvement in consciousness from a single set of Life Vessel sessions. People often say they don’t feel anything physical changing, but what does it feel like to increase your consciousness so dramatically? Sometimes things are more subtle. Everything is above the neutral line after Life Vessel. Testing done by Dr. Steve Tashiro in Lakewood, CO.

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