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What is the Harmonic Egg?

Why the Harmonic Egg?

It’s been the question of the day since I announced the creation in July, 2017.

I have been studying sound and light therapies and healing for eight years. I have owned and operated my own healing center during this time and observed the effects of several therapies on clients’ health and well-being. I have owned two technologies that were sound and light chambers. I created the Harmonic Egg as a new and innovative, next generation healing chamber based on my observations of clients before and after sessions in the previous two technologies, research on the modality, reading books from experts in the industry, white paper studies and collaboration with the medical community.  The Harmonic Egg is a large ellipse (egg shape) where the client reclines inside the “egg” or chamber in a chair. We are getting great feedback thus far and continue to do research.

It was not easy to build this unit. The materials used are natural. It was a challenge to find materials that could bend in the shape of an ellipse to form an egg. Plus, we had to create a chamber that resonated the sound in a holographic-like micro-environment. Instead of hearing the sound from a speaker, you hear it in what I think is its natural broadcast. It’s super fun! Sometimes I hear the sound above my head and I know there are not any speakers above my head. The angles, the ratios and all the other concepts we use in this Harmonic Egg is proprietary information, but it was well thought out and evolved from ancient teaching and texts. The size of the Harmonic Egg will fit in a 10’ x10’ room on a diagonal, but it’s better to have a 12’ x12’ room. It took about almost a year from start to finish to create the first prototype that is now operational at Life Center in Westminster, Colorado.

One of the issues I observed with the previous technologies was sound distortion. In the previous chambers, automotive type round speakers are used beneath a thick foam pad where the client lies flat during sessions.  There is cubic air space under the speakers, but I don’t believe it’s the proper cubic air space for the rating of the speakers. I always felt there was a lot of distortion from the music having to come through a foam pad. Our nervous systems tend to take distortion and make up “data” to fill in gaps to process information. My experience and research led me to realize that I wanted to get the purest sound and little to no distortion, hence another reason for the Harmonic Egg.

Let me mention here that lying flat for some clients is not comfortable nor relaxing. Clients have neck and back issues and want pillows and bolsters as props for comfort. In addition, some clients have a hard time rolling up from a flat position to exit the chamber. The Harmonic Egg uses a reclining chair and has been much more comfortable for clients.

There is also the issue of the music that is being played. Over the years, I have studied sound and how different instruments effect / affect the body (physically and emotionally so I am using both spellings of the word). I have worked with sound and lighting experts gathering lots of information to create the Harmonic Egg. When you compress a CD into an MP3 format you lose much of the quality, frequencies, musical information, etc.  Compression changes the original intent of how the music was intended to be enjoyed. MP3s are for convenience so you can fit 1,000 songs on your MP3 player. It’s quite complicated, but easy to understand once you hear the difference. Based on my experience, the previous two technologies both use compressed music. The Harmonic Egg uses the higher quality CD resolution giving the body and nervous system a purer listening experience. There is a difference!!!!  Then there was the investigation for the right speakers, subwoofer, amplifier and player for the music. Sound systems are not all created equal; the components have to all play nicely together. For example, there are surround amplifiers and integrative amplifiers and subwoofers that have speakers on the side and the bottom versus just the bottom or just the side. Speakers have different elements that make them relevant for different applications. The sound system was the second most important consideration after designing the structure and shape of the Harmonic Egg.

Oh, not to mention the search for the right kind of music to use and the right tones and instruments and frequencies. This is something I have been studying for six years. It’s important to consider:  Who is the artist? What is their intention of the music? I learned so much about selecting music…testing and seeing how clients respond to the music and paying attention to the sound quality and frequencies. These are important details that effect / affect the clients’ response in the Harmonic Egg.

Next there is the light therapy. I think in the future we will get more and more sophisticated technologies, but for now we do know that different light frequencies are effective / affective for healing. For example, if you are a woman with a lot of yeast infections this can be due to an imbalance in the body (specifically the sacral chakra), and using orange light and the instrument of the flute can help bring that back into balance. This is the type of training I never received with the two previous technologies, but after studying for the past ten years I can offer this type of training with the Harmonic Egg. Many lighting systems don’t give you the full color spectrum of lights. It took me about eight months of research to choose the lights and the right type of remote to control the lights and light settings.

We can’t forget about the chair for the client while they are in a session. I searched the world over for a chair that reclines at the right angle for the best results in the Harmonic Egg. It also had to meet the criteria for size and comfort for so many shapes and sizes of clients. It was a matter of thinking about how the client would feel and how the technician putting them in for a session would be able to comfortably and easily support the client.

Every thought and idea for the Harmonic Egg was well thought out for both the client and the center owner or technician from the complexity of the technologies used, effectiveness, to the ease of setup and use, cost and comfort.

How long does a client need to stay in the chamber, the protocol? We are using 40 minutes and then the POWERFUL 10 minutes of silence in the chamber to integrate the session. It’s truly an amazing experience! I read a white paper in 2016 that came out of Feiburg, Germany. It described the use of deep relaxing music to help patients heal and they discovered a period of 6.5 minutes of silence helped integrate the healing, so I adopted that discovery and added a few extra minutes because I feel the silence is important and more was needed. If you have read anything about chiropractic care and its beginnings, there are accounts where the doctor was trained to ensure the patient rests at the office for a short time to help the adjustment integrate and set into the body. Integration of all these modalities that people do these days is so very important.  I give the analogy of digesting food. You don’t eat a salad and then when you are full go eat a sandwich and then pile another salad on top of that… do you? No! You let the first salad digest and “integrate” with your body before moving on to a sandwich later in the day or the next day.  Energy work is the same…you must let one modality digest before you “feed” it more.

The previous chambers had single sessions and sets of sessions depending on the condition of the client. For chronic conditions sets of sessions were recommended. That hits the body more consistently with the energy to help the body heal faster. A client can choose to go slow or accelerate the healing process. A single session takes about four (4) days to integrate before you would be able to schedule another session (there are exceptions to all rules). A set of sessions consists of a client coming every 4 days for approximately four to eight (4-8) sessions. That means a client would do a session and four (4) days later do another and four (4) days later another for four to eight times total. After a set, a client would take a break from any and all other energy work for three to four weeks. We supply you with a protocol for integrating sessions where we suggest dietary changes as well.

Finally, I did think about and tried aromatherapy in the room for the clients. The determination thus far is that it’s a bit of sensory overload for many clients. It might be something to use on a case-by-case basis, but as of now I am not using it. There are so many clients with neurological issues and chemical sensitivities I just don’t think it’s needed nor will it make the sessions more effective.

So, that’s the story of the Harmonic Egg and why I created it! If you have any questions or would like to learn more you can reach me via the website:

In gratitude,

Gail Lynn

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Laptops are NOT for your lap!!!

Laptops are NOT for your lap!!!

By: Gail Lynn

Who puts their laptop, tablet, iPad or iPhone on their lap or directly next to their body?  Maybe I should ask who doesn’t, probably be easier to count the people that DO NOT do this.  It’s called a LAPtop…isn’t it for your LAP?!

I have to share my story for the world to hear and be aware.   A little over a year ago I bought this really comfy new couch and it had a foot-rest and it was so awesome.  Every night for several hours I would put my laptop on my lap with my feet up and work, surf and play on the computer.  It was my wind down time when I got home from my center.

I have to tell you this to tell you the rest of the story…I own a wellness center for energy medicine and the inventor of the technology is a medical intuitive and he started “picking up” inflammation in my abdominal area.  I just blew it off because I feel great, have lots of energy and am always using the healing technology at my center that helps people heal themselves naturally…how could I be unhealthy?!   A few months went by and it was brought to my attention once again that I was still riddled with inflammation in the abdominal area.  I decided to get some tests run to prove that I was just fine!   Well, I was not fine.  My white blood cell count was 2.9 (that’s clinically low and very bad).  Six other results were out of range as well.  I had a blood test two years ago and everything was normal / in range so this was absolutely alarming!   The results could have resulted in a diagnosis of leukemia if a doctor would have been trying to figure it out.  Not good!  I went to a few other doctors and had other tests that all came back normal / negative.  I was puzzled.

In a dream a few days later I was given the words LAPTOP, which led me down a path of research to see if having my laptop on my lap may have been the problem.  EUREKA!!   The research was astounding!

Issues that can be caused my electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, iPads, etc:

  • Low white blood cell count
  • Migraines
  • Sleep issues
  • Fertility Issues – low sperm count, sterility and birth defects
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Fatigue
  • Tumors
  • Cancer
  • Cell mutation
  • DNA fragmentation (irreversible changes to the genetic code)
  • Toasted Skin Syndrome, skin burns and rashes
  • Autism
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Enzyme Dysfunction
  • Liver Damage
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes

Many of these are outlined with the scientific data behind them here:


Who was aware of these problems from our every day devices?   I wasn’t.   I have not had my LAPtop on my lap for 4 months now and my recent test results show my white blood count at 4.8 (normal range).  My results are not showing the diagnosis that was probable a few months ago.  I have not changed my diet or exercise or other, but I have continued to use the healing technology at my wellness center.   I knew better than to do that and I just was comfortable and figured I was not going to be hurt by the EMF / radiation.  I knew better because I have had a few clients with radiation poisoning and skin burns from their “home office” and being surrounded by electronic devices in a small room day after day.  They were basically burning from the inside out.  I wonder how many people will connect the dots of some health issues once they are aware of how they are being hurt by their devices and environment.

There are ways to protect yourself from EMF / radiation.   Three of the easiest are:

  1. Keep electronic devices away from your body (3-6 inches)
  2. Limit time of use on electronic devices
  3. Purchase an EMF protector / shield

This is information I felt compelled to share because of the health scare it created for me.  Please, please, please do your research and protect yourself and your family from the dangers of electronic devices.   I hope my story will save many people from suffering and protect children from developmental issues that could arise.  Children are more vulnerable especially in the years of brain development and bone growth.

And finally, our bodies use electricity within to properly function and external signals from electronic devices can interrupt or confuse living tissue. That’s why it is important to research electronic device emissions and make informed decisions on how you and your family use these devices that surround us every day.

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