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Q) What is the technology?

A) It’s a chamber that uses sound and light to bring the body back into balance naturally so that it can heal itself.   A reset or reboot for the body so to speak.

“It is not there to specifically treat one illness or malady or injury. It puts you in a position of relaxation that allows your body to heal. You can sense you’re healing in other areas of your body that you never went there to treat.”  ~Jonathan

Q) How is Energy Genesis different than the Harmonic Egg?

A) Differences between the EG and the egg are vast, but difficult to quantify so here's a list of metaphors:

1) It's like the difference between middle school and a master's degree program. Both are education but one is much more focused and rewarding once it's completed.
2) The old technology is like a large winding river while the egg has the strength of the ocean with the focus and determination of a high alpine stream.
3) The old makes suggestions on how to heal while the egg is that catalyst.
4) The old was a navigator using maps but no experience. The egg is a guide with loads of experience but no maps.

See this BLOG post for a detailed description on the Harmonic Egg and its beginnings.  Very interesting!

Q) Does the Harmonic Egg have sets of sessions?

A) Doing a single session every 4 - 7 days is best for the egg technology right now.  You want to commit to your healing and sign up for 4-10 sessions in a row.  A package of 10 sessions is just $1,080.  Regular pricing is $125 per session.

Q) Do I always need to do sets of sessions?

A) No, many people with chronic conditions will do sets of sessions until they feel they have achieved a level of wellness they are happy obtaining. For example, if you have insomnia and after 4-10 sessions you are sleeping better we many never see you again. If you have a stage 4 illness most likely one set of sessions will not be enough to turn the body around. Does that make sense? The more years you are ill the more sessions you are likely to require. However, we don’t know what the body is capable of doing and we have seen some people require more / less than others.   It’s up to your body to do the healing and we provide the environment by which it can do so naturally.

Q) How long do I have to wait to use the chamber after doing a session?

A) 4-7 days (there are always exceptions and lots of out of town clients have been doing 2 sessions in 3 days.

Q) Is this technology just for people who are ill?

A) NO, it’s for anyone wanting to stay healthy and naturally detox / de-stress the body in a non-invasive way.

Q) Is there an application for couples / family members and when is it recommended that two people use the chamber together?

A) Yes, in the Energy Genesis only.  When couples or say a child and parent are just not communicating and want to get to a place where they are talking to each other versus AT each other this is a great option to try. It elevates both individuals to an equal thought form in order to communicate more easily with each other.

Q) What is the cost to do a set of sessions in Energy Genesis and what does it include?

A) A set of sessions for one person includes a client intake (review of paperwork that covers trauma you have and conditions you are looking to clear), 3 days of sessions (1 per day for 3 consecutive days), a post follow up and dietary suggestions for 21 days, a follow up after 21 days.  The set of sessions is more powerful (as in deeper emotional healing, deeper physical healing and longer lasting).  The set of sessions is stronger to help reset of the body, retrain the body and continue healing for 3+ weeks.  The cost is $432.

Q) What is the cost of a single session for one person and what does it include?

A) A single session is more for tune-ups or maintenance for stress and environmental detox in the Energy Genesis.  The single sessions do not go as deep as the set of sessions to heal the body, but do work very effectively for detox, stress, trauma and more.  Members do monthly single sessions ($95 per month for a year commitment) and really look forward to coming in to reset each month.  If you have chronic or long standing conditions the sets are recommended until you achieve a level of wellness you wish to achieve and then tune-ups and maintenance sessions are recommended.  The cost of a single session is $108 in the Energy Genesis and $125 for sessions in the Harmonic Egg.

Q) What is the cost for couples / family members to do the session(s) together?

A) $150 for a single session for two people (in the same Genesis unit) and it includes a follow up if questions arise.  A set of sessions for two people (in the same Genesis unit) is $450 and includes the same as above for set of sessions, but for two people (in the same Genesis unit).

Q) What is the cost of a GDV Camera session?

A) You can come in just for a GDV Camera session and the cost is $60.  If you want to add a pre and post test to your Energy Genesis session or set of sessions the cost is $80.

Q) Can pregnant women use the chamber?

A) Yes, it’s safe to use when pregnant.

Q) Can babies use the chamber?

A) Yes, we have had children as young as 8 weeks in the chamber.

Q) Does the technology work for all conditions and illnesses?

A) Clients have reported results from all kinds of conditions and illness – everyone is different so everyone will have different results.

Q) Can I use the technology if I have metal in my body?

A) Yes, we have served clients with all kinds of metal parts, plates and hardware inside the body.

Q) Do you guarantee results?

A) No, per the FDA and other government organizations we cannot make any claims or guarantee anyone results. Feel free to browse the testimonials (written and video) on the website to see what others have reported, but since each client is different we can never tell what results an individual will receive.

Q) What should I expect from the session / sessions?

A) Don’t have any expectations. One possibility is that you could experience a burst of energy as the sessions boost the vitality of the cells, organs and tissues and raise your vibration.  If this happens don’t over exert yourself…do 60% (or less) of what you feel you can do.  Conserve that energy for healing.  It’s not uncommon to first experience an increase in energy and then gradual fatigue as your cells use the energy to release toxins and heal.

A second possibility is that you might not feel much difference.  This too is normal and acceptable.  It can mean that your body is using the energy to repair and cleanse at a very deep level.  We often see this response in people who are either quite debilitated or already pretty healthy and stable.

A third possibility is that you might become fatigued or even exhausted when the body is healing.  You could develop brain fog (from the releasing of toxins / detoxing, but it will flush out by drinking water), headaches, achiness or other signs that your body is releasing stored toxins.  You are asked to drink a lot of water to flush.  Don’t try to push through the feelings of being tired…rest!  You will be able to work and function during the day, but you should plan to rest and not over book yourself after your daily required commitments.


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