Locations with the Harmonic Egg (invented in 2017):

Why did Gail create the Harmonic Egg?

What can the Harmonic Egg do? 

  1. Westminster, CO (https://lifecenter.us)
  2. Tacoma, WA (http://www.nicolewirth.com)
  3. Alpharetta, GA, (https://www.vibrologycenter.com)
  4. LaJolla, CA, (http://www.harmoniceggSoCal.com)
  5. Castro Valley, CA, (http://www.harmonicwellness.net)
  6. Sedona, AZ, (http://www.medicallyyourssedona.com)
  7. Kirkland WA, (Harmonics For Healing)
  8. Garland, TX, coming in September, 2019
  9. Modesto, CA, coming in October, 2019
  10. Penryn, CA (near Sacramento, CA), coming in November, 2019
  11. Spearfish, SD (http://www.zerogravitysd.com)
  12. Westlake Village, CA, coming in January, 2020
  13. Castle Rock, CO, coming in March, 2020
  14. Las Vegas, NV, coming in April, 2020
  15. Bloomfield, MI, coming in August, 2020

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