Chronic Pain

Low frequency sound therapy is thought to be effective in reducing painful physical ailments by stimulating cell reproduction and other bodily changes. In particular, low frequency sound, light and vibrational therapy is thought to increase the production of hyaluronic acid (HLA), which helps to lubricate joints and relieves muscle and joint pain and inflammation.

Low frequency sound also stimulates cellular repair, helping to increase overall bodily health and stamina."

Cow Accident!

"My collar bone and three ribs were broken when a cow smashed me into a metal rail fence.  I was in so much pain!  After a couple of weeks, when I could manage to drive, I went in to try a session in the Harmonic Egg to see if it would help.  I settled in as best as I could and let it work its magic.  When I stood back up, for the first time since I was hurt, I had NO PAIN.  NONE!  It felt so good to be free from the pain.  The pain slowly came back, after all - I had broken bones moving every time I breathed, but it never was quite as bad as before.  I did 2 more sessions, a week apart, and each time I received the lovely freedom from the pain for a while. This technology is such a gift!" ~Sue

Fibromyalgia and Broken Arm
"I have completed 8 of my 10 sessions and plan to do another set when this one is complete.  I had a new break on my right arm just before starting the treatments and the pain was gone in the Harmonic Egg.  Amazing!
I also notice so many little aches and pains of aging are no longer bothersome.  Fibromyalgia has no impact on me now and my energy level is normal, from being low before the sessions.
The sessions accelerate the process of understanding that we are something more than just the biology of ourselves.  I feel as though I am totally aware during the sessions, but that time collapses and somehow I am in a timeless place, unaware of the body, but totally aware.  That impacts the perspective on life as a whole.  I drop into the “Egg” space easily, the energy not only impacts me in the moment, but I am aware of the impact in me as I live my life.
From my perspective and what I understand about each cell in our body, it is impossible to not have this positive energy of light, color, and sound have an impact at the cellular level, to do the dance of healing at all levels from the inside out."  ~LaReese

Pain Relief

I had no pain after my treatment. I’m a little tender today. I shouldn’t believe it took  a week of pain in one hour! I will come back.  Thank you so much !!  ~Caryn

Seizure recovery and Pain Relief

My Dad has not taken any pain pills today after his last session… usually healing from seizures would take him weeks!! – Real healing taking place! — He is also in an a odd loving mood too that I don’t ever usually see him in, something is going on! Must have totally taken him out of fight or flight. Cool stuff, I’ll be letting this other doctor know about EG when we see him on the 5th, I’ll recommend that he chat with you. I think you’d like him! ~Nate

Trigeminal Neuralgia / Chronic Pain / PTSD

After my first set of treatments, I felt emotionally and energetically better than I have in many years.  It seemed like the trauma and brain injury from my car accident was completely gone. I felt like “ME” again. I would have been satisfied with that, it felt so good to be able to get through the day without being exhausted!

But after the second set another whole level of healing occurred.  Since a family members suicide attempt and shooting 12 years ago, I have been carrying PTSD.   I now feel joy and passion for my own life again! I really didn’t think it was possible!

But there is more……..I have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for 2 years –constant shooting pain on the right side of my face that has limited my ability to talk, eat and smile.

The doctors said I was facing lifelong medication or brain surgery- not a happy prognosis. After the second treatments, the pain became worse for a few days. I was so happy about my other results, I really didn’t care.

The detoxing from the treatments continues on for 21 more days. Last week I noticed that the pain in my face had completely disappeared!  No drums, no bugles – it was just gone!  I am pain-free and I can smile again!

A runner had to stop running from ankle pain

"I used to be a runner. I had a fairly consistent 17-22 mile/week running routine. About 6 years ago, my health took a pretty dramatic turn for the worse and running became a struggle. I still persisted though...even training for and running a 1/2 marathon. Around this time, I started having issues with my right ankle. I did all the standard stuff, physical therapy, casts, boots, orthotics...etc. The pain would go away for a short time only to reappear in a different area in the ankle. So I stopped running all together and even had to curtail walking very far. In fact, the day before my session I went out for a 3 mile walk and limped the whole last mile home.

When I was in the egg Thursday, my right foot was "manipulated" at least twice. It felt like a chiropractic type of movement - the foot was manipulated in a circular movement.

Yesterday I went out for a walk and was suddenly driven to start to run. I ran about a mile with absolutely no pain...but the most important part is that the ankle feels 100% today! Woot Woot!! I'm so excited to be able to get back into running again! Thank you so very much for your work Gail! I'll keep you posted." ~Kim

My Testimonial by Estrea, New York City

“I learned about the Life Vessel and Energy Genesis about 3 weeks ago from a friend. And I was experiencing stomach problems, and decided to go to Denver’s Life Center. It might be one of the best decisions I ever made, in the Energy Genesis I experienced great Detoxification, I could smell acid leaving my body. I felt euphoric at times. And while in the chamber time did not exist. Gail is very experienced and prepares one well before going to the chamber, and after the session. As a result I feel great with my stomach no more problems, it feels like a weight has been lifted off me. And I even look better, much younger now, and looking forward to my next appointment. I want to be fully and completely healthy.

Thank you Gail and Life Center.”

~Estrea, New York City

Pain greatly reduced – almost none.

The pain has been so low, barely a 1. When was my last single session, 3 weeks ago?  I used my pain lotion twice since then.  No longer a 2x daily need.  I have only used it 2 times in 3 weeks.  I can still over do things in a day, so I have to watch my activity.  But I can tell my autonomic nervous system is finally learning how to stop reacting to perceived trauma.  So exciting.  ~Jody

Sports injuries and chronic pain

When I found out Gail was doing this I knew deep in my heart this was a good thing. I have known Gail for about 10+ years when she use to live in the Dallas, TX area. My experience with Gail that I noticed is she is very thorough with anything she touches. Since I have multiple physical issues I decided to fly to Denver to go through this program. I don't regret one minute of this experience. The mild pain I've had in the joints both of my hands is now gone! Pain in both of my knees, due to playing sports growing up are now gone. Slipped a disc in my back some 30 years ago and have been going to a chiropractor ever since. It was getting to the point just sitting on my recliner the nerves in my back were bothering me and just couldn't get comfortable. Right now it's feeling better than it ever has with no nerve issues. I didn't mention this to Gail on my visit, but I've had this smaller than pea size cyst on the inside of my thigh for the last couple years. When I got back to Dallas, it was completely gone and has not re-appeared! This whole experience for me has been not only been a blessing but a great experience! I never doubted Gail for a minute, neither should anybody who does this. Life Vessel will be coming to Dallas soon and I can't wait. I believe if you go into this with positive thoughts, you'll come out with positive results. Thanks Gail, you were the best host as well.  ~Richard Platz, Lake Dallas, TX

A lot of pain went away…

"I had a wonderful experience with Life Vessel of the Rockies. I feel that it helped with a lot of issues I was having. A lot of my pain went away and I felt more centered. The actual experience inside the Life Vessel was amazing - I felt like the music was moving through my body and I was floating. It was one of the most beautiful and relaxing experiences I have ever had." ~Michelle R., North Carolina

Pain relief

"I loved the whole experience. By the time I left after the treatments I was feeling little to no stress and the pains I had in my back and hips was little to none. Wish Life Vessel was closer so I could go more often." ~Mary Ann R.    Send article as PDF