Gail’s journey from the Light Box to Harmonic Egg

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Many have asked what the light box / Harmonic Egg has done for me and how I came to open my own center. I first saw the light box in October, 2001. Now that I am here and we have been open almost 9 years I can look back and see how the journey unfolded […]


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What does it mean to detox?  How safe is detoxing?  Have you even thought about what the body is doing when you are initiating a detox? Could all the man-made powders for detoxing be irritating the crap out of your intestinal lining and aggravating the liver and gut?  That’s not a detox reaction.  That’s is […]

Sound and Light Therapy for Animals

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 Every cell in an animal’s body responds to sound. It helps balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system in the animal to help strengthen the body. Sound therapy can assist with relaxation, pain relief, wound healing, and opening energy restrictions and blockages. The effect of color has been researched for centuries and has been […]

My observations after attending the Music as Medicine Conference in Spain

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My observations about vibroacoustic technologies, as a means for healing, after attending the Music as Medicine Conference in Spain I attended the 5th annual IAMM Conference in Spain in June, 2018.  My expectations were pretty high with hopes of meeting others doing similar or better work with vibroacoustic technologies.  However, there were none even close […]

No way to explain instant healing?!  Here is my attempt…

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I have been studying sound and light therapy, frequencies, different types of music / artists and instruments for almost 10 years now.   I am an engineer from Detroit so it’s not been easy for me to accept what I have seen and experienced since opening Life Center in Denver, Colorado about 8 years ago. There […]

Harmonic Egg Assessment from Mia on the GO in Denver, CO

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New Membership Packages

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SILVER $85 a month for a single session each month (12-month commitment).  After the 12 months it goes month to month.  No sign up fee and it does not have to be paid up front. This is for the average person without much stress and wants to get a monthly health tune-up to ensure they […]

Supérieur Electrolytes – Hippocrates Health Institute’s magazine

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Radio Interview with Al Cole, People of Distinction

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How to keep your vibration high in times of trauma and grief?

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It is getting more and more known that fear is a low vibration and love is the highest vibration. When trauma and grief occur in life we tend to live in fear, anger, sadness and other low vibration emotions. It is also becoming more known that disease and illness thrive in low vibrations. What does […]

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