No way to explain instant healing?!  Here is my attempt…

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I have been studying sound and light therapy, frequencies, different types of music / artists and instruments for almost 10 years now.   I am an engineer from Detroit so it’s not been easy for me to accept what I have seen and experienced since opening Life Center in Denver, Colorado about 8 years ago. There […]

Harmonic Egg Assessment from Mia on the GO in Denver, CO

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New Membership Packages

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SILVER $85 a month for a single session each month (12 month commitment).  After the 12 months it goes month to month.  This is for the average person without much stress and wants to get a monthly health tune-up to ensure they stay healthy.   This is not for clients that have acute or chronic […]

Supérieur Electrolytes – Hippocrates Health Institute’s magazine

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Radio Interview with Al Cole, People of Distinction

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How to keep your vibration high in times of trauma and grief?

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It is getting more and more known that fear is a low vibration and love is the highest vibration. When trauma and grief occur in life we tend to live in fear, anger, sadness and other low vibration emotions. It is also becoming more known that disease and illness thrive in low vibrations. What does […]

Benefits / Side Effects of energy healing article, POST paperwork

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Updated Brochure!

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What is the Harmonic Egg?

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Why the Harmonic Egg? It’s been the question of the day since I announced the creation in July, 2017. I have been studying sound and light therapies and healing for eight years. I have owned and operated my own healing center during this time and observed the effects of several therapies on clients’ health and […]

Cancer is a Virus?!

By Life Center | October 20, 2017 | 2 Comments

From Anthony William’s podcast…it makes all the sense in the world to me as to why some people get Cancer and some don’t.  This is written in my own words after listening to a 2 hour podcast, and I added some stuff as well.  Anthony has a new book coming out in November and the […]

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