White paper: Why I have incorporated the silence after the session

By Life Center | September 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Here is the .pdf Changes in States of Consciousness during a Period of Silence after a Session of Depth Relaxation Music Therapy (DRMT) Eric Pfeifer, Anna Sarikaya, Marc Wittmann Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg, Germany Institute for Frontiers Areas of Psychology and Mental Health, Freiburg, Germany Silence after session    Send article as PDF […]

Too much of a good thing, is NOT a good thing!

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Too much of a good thing, is NOT a good thing! Over the past 6 years of working in Energy Medicine I have seen many people get well and I have seen many people get more ill.  Why?  Don’t you think that’s a great question?  Don’t you wish I was going to answer it?  Well, […]

What to expect from some types of alternative healing?

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If you’ve never had any sort of energy work done before, then you may be in for a few surprises in terms of how your body is going to react.  Everyone is different so please don’t EXPECT anything just roll with it. Your very first session Be sure to come hydrated, but not so much […]

Too much alternative healing can harm…

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Too much alternative healing can harm… Did you know that piling on the alternative healing or even piling on the supplements can be harmful?  Well, they can.   People think if they do healthy things it can’t be harmful, but too much of a good thing can be harmful.  Heck, too much of anything can be […]

When Energy Work Doesn’t Work?!

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When Energy Work Doesn’t Work?! This has been on my mind for a few years now and the more I learn the more I feel I need to share what I have discovered. I have seen and experienced many, many, many (did I say many?) “healers” over the past 20 or so years. Some amazing […]

What is the Harmonic Egg helping to do?

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The evidence so far suggests the following is taking place with sessions in the Harmonic Egg. The Harmonic Egg (HE) data is supporting that it is delivering energy 40% more effectively to the body than the previous units. We feel that due to the HE using a chair and not a pad that covers the […]

It is powerful.  It is life altering.

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Gail Lynn at Life Center in Westminster, Colorado has invented new technology called the HarmonicEgg. I have recommended it to all my clients and I have had several sessions in it.  It uses light, sound and vibration to assist you in creating change in your life.  It is powerful.  It is life altering.  I cannot […]

Why did I create the Harmonic Egg?

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Why the Harmonic Egg? It’s been the question of the day since I announced the creation in July, 2017. I have been studying sound and light therapies and healing for eight years. I have owned and operated my own healing center during this time and observed the effects of several therapies on clients’ health and […]

Dysautonomia is a real thing!

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As you may know, dysautonomia is not a specific medical diagnosis. Dysautonomia is an umbrella term used to describe any malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. There are many underlying diseases and conditions that can lead to dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. This is not an all inclusive list, so check with your doctor […]

Gail’s journey to Life Center

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Many have asked what this technology has done for me and how I came to desire to open my own center. Summary (7/29/17): To be a part of this technology (Life Vessel, now Energy Genesis and a new technology to be announced soon…) in some way was a dream of mine when I first saw […]    Send article as PDF