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I have had my rescue dog, Evie, for 2 years.  She is a 14 year old puggle and she was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas where she had barely any hair left and was in pretty bad shape but overweight so someone in the past had loved her enough to feed her but that’s pretty much all they knew how to “take care” of a dog.  Since I have had her she has had nothing but health issues due to mainly chronic bronchitis, pancreatitis, thyroid issues and allergies.  She’s been in and out of the vet, I’ve tried holistic medicines and just about everything I can think of.  I took her into the egg and that night her chronic coughing at night where she usually has about 5-6 coughing episodes a night have gone down to maybe 1 at most so she now sleeps through the night and only has a few coughing episodes during the day, this alone has drastically changed both of our lives.  Before going into the egg she also had some benign tumors that have all shrank in size, she is way more energetic and almost puppy like, she is way more alert (on our ride home from the egg it was almost as if she were a different dog with the way she was looking at everything), she has lost a few pounds without me changing her diet and she also hasn’t had a pancreatic flare up since, this could be just a coincidence or could be because the egg removed unwanted toxins helping with this (Gail and I definitely smelled some awful things from poor little Evie after the egg).  She is way more cuddly and trusting of me and now lies on her back for belly rubs that she never used to do for the 2 years that I’ve had her so I know she feels comfortable and at ease with me now because I think she’s been able to let go of her past a bit.

I know some of this sounds crazy and I am still in shock (it’s been a few months since she’s been in) of the outcome and blame it on coincidence if you will but I 100% believe it was all because of the egg and I can’t thank Gail enough…and don’t even get me started the things its done for me!  ~Leanne J

"Having them both in the egg has finally made them bond together.   We have only had Blake for 6 months, and he has been tough for Maci to adjust to.   This week they have been kissing throughout the day, and licking each other’s ears.  I haven’t ever seen them do that before.  So we have more love and connection over here.   I have left them home together, and they have been a bit calmer when we get back home - not quite so crazy when we come in the house.

It was a good thing to have both of them in the egg together.  They are much better together since their session together.   I would also add that Maci is not as distressed at the dog park.  She was having a nervous reaction to all of the dogs she was encountering.  She would literally foam at the mouth in a stress reaction.   I have not seen that happen this week so far..." ~Ann

"I have noticed that she had been less anxious about the rain and thunder. Also, she has been acting like a puppy again. Energy level is way up, she remembers where she left her toys (I don’t have to go find them) and she is eating like she’s been starving for years (she hasn’t).  So, I would say that is huge progress is relieving any pain she was feeling." ~Amanda

"We had a vacation this past weekend and left the dogs with family. Usually she is very sad and won’t eat much when I am gone, but this time she was mopey but it did not effect her eating and playing. So much better. The reaction to thunder is much better, she isn’t paralyzed anymore, just hears it and calmly walks downstairs to her safe space I usually have to put her in."  ~Amanda (second update)

"Those little tremors you saw in her back legs before we went in the egg are gone.  She's had them for awhile and they come and go, so I'll continue to monitor for them, but I hope they're gone for longer.  Also, with the thunderstorm yesterday, she was still afraid of the noise, but she didn't have to be super close to me or have to be pet to be comforted.  She was "okay" just sitting in the same room."  ~Jennifer

"I've definitely seen a change in his personality. He looks happier and has been more content. He started to playing more, which he hardly ever brings me toys to play fetch with him! I've noticed he's drinking more water as well. This is great because he was diagnosed with struvite crystals and the extra water will help his body process the protein he eats more effectively." ~Bianca

"Yorkie Poo down fm 13 lbs to 9lbs diagnosed with PLE Protien Losing Enteropathy which causes the Dog to loose excessive Protien from the Gastrointestional Tract as a Result of Acute or Chronic Gastrointestional Disease.

Layla was already Debilitated to the Point that it was suggested the owners put her down 2 days ago. She came into use the EGG the 3 days ago.

Layla was weak and Lethargic going into the Egg and a little more perky coming out. Within an hour after the session Layla started to eat some snacks and drink water on her own (something that she had not done in almost 10 days).

By the next day Layla was eating and still drinking on her own, regular solid bowel movements again.

As of today, she seems to be gaining weight and acting normal.

The owner is THRILLED she chose the Life Center instead of following Vets Suggestions." ~Katie

Thank you for reaching out! I most certainly didn't expect a complete healing in one session, but the changes I have seen have been dramatic. He only had the one seizure, where I was used to him experiencing multiple in an "episode". And that his OCD has completely subsided is incredible to me!  ~Ernesto

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